Our Services

Sarasota Manatee Geriatrics is focused on providing the best care possible for our patients, as well as serving the larger geriatric community in the area. Our services are comprehensive with regard to ensuring our patients receive the care, treatment, support, testing, and access specific to their and their loved ones’ needs.

Patient services include:

• Visit patients in their home, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility
• Geriatric assessments
• Wellness exams
• Dementia assessments
• Chronic disease management
• Transitional care
• Palliative care
• Arrange for in-home lab and diagnostic services
• Prescribe medications
• Prescribe home health
• Prescribe physical therapy and other rehabilitation services
• Medication reconciliation
• Coordination of care
• Patient education
• Referrals to community resources
• Collaborate with patients’s primary care physician and other health professionals
• Accept Medicare, most secondary Medicare insurers and Medicaid dual eligibility

During a typical visit with Sarasota Manatee Geriatrics, our providers will complete a history and physical, review your medications, discuss care and treatment, provide patient education, help arrange medical testing services (as needed), and offer community resources and referrals.


What We Can Do for Other Service Providers:

Sarasota Manatee Geriatrics can also provide services for other professional geriatric service providers, agencies, and organizations in the community. By visiting patients at their homes, Sarasota Manatee Geriatrics manages chronic diseases and provides timely follow up to changes in condition, which can decrease hospitalizations, prevent hospital and SNF readmissions, improve quality of care, reduce costs for ALF, SNF, hospitals, and home health services, provide palliative and hospice referrals, and assist with coordination of care, especially at transitions of care, all while helping meet patient goals and wishes.

We also provide geriatric consultations, education to staff members and facilities, educational and informational seminars for patients and families, and provide current referrals to resources in our community. Sarasota Manatee Geriatrics is also available to work with other medical providers in meeting their patients’ needs for visits at home or in ALF and SNF facilities in the community.

Please Contact Us to make a referral or regarding services we can offer your organization or facility.

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